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Download Indosukses Futures MT4

indosukses4setup.exe is an online trading software that can be used by Indosukses investors using login and password that was provided by the PT. Indosukses Futures. The program can also be used for Demo Account as online transaction training before using the Real Account..

Installation Steps for MetaTrader
(411 kb / 3min @ 56Kbps)
Locate the file (ift4trader.exe) that you downloaded from step one and double click it. Once it is done installing the MetaTrader will automatically check for updates.
Once the application is fully installed, log into MetaTrader with your user credentials that were provided to you via email. If you have lost your user credentials, please contact us.
Contact us and someone from the Indosukses support staff will get back to you shortly.


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